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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Merry Word Pillow with TOW

Merry {Christmas} Velvet Holiday Word Pillow
Hi! This is Jenifer here with you today to share a very simple pillow.  I have seen these at some of the more expensive stores and so I thought I would make my own.  Using a velvet scrap for the front and an old sweater for the back makes this a quick and easy project for sure.  I did this one for Christmas but just imagine the possibilities are endless.
Merry Pillow Blog
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JeniferCowles HeatNBond Soft Stretch Word Pillow
Merry {Christmas} Velvet Holiday Word PillowSupplies:
 Fabric Cutting:
15″x15″ of Main fabric and backing ( I used an old sweater for the back)
Scrap or Scraps of fabric for the Lettering
 Other Supplies:
Erasable marking pen, Iron (Oliso Pro), sewing machine, sharp scissors, other general sewing supplies, yarn for pom poms (optional)

Merry {Christmas} Holiday Word Pillow Instructions:JeniferCowles HeatNBond Soft Stretch Word Pillow

Step One: Trace out the letters, making sure they are mirrored onto the HeatNBond Soft Stretch.  Press the letters on to the fabric and carefully cut them out.  If you have a machine that cuts fabric then this step is easier for you.  Hand cutting these letters didn’t take very much time at all.
JeniferCowles HeatNBond Soft Stretch Word Pillow
Step Two:  Fuse your word to the top of the pillow as desired. The HeatNBond Soft Stretch works perfectly on velvet.
JeniferCowles HeatNBond Soft Stretch Word Pillow
Step Three:  Sew down the word.  My word was pretty small so I slowly went around the edge.
Step Four:  Sew the pillow together by stitching around all the sides leaving a 5″ opening to turn and to stuff in the pillow form.  Hand stitch the opening shut.  I added Pom Poms but I also tried out some tassels.  The Pom Poms won this time.
Merry {Christmas} Holiday Word Pillow
I hope you have enjoyed my project today.  If you make a pillow I would love to see it.  Leave a link for me in the comments and I will be sure to check it out.

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