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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nautical Travelers Notebook with Blend Fabrics-TOW

Summer Travelers Journal
JeniferCowles_TOW_Blend Mermaid TN back
Planners and Travelers Notebooks are all the rage right now. I love Travelers notebooks and I love Cori Dantini’s Mermaid Days by Blend Fabrics, so I thought I would combine them and get the best of both worlds. I am so happy with how this turned out that I am going to be making several more.  These would make great gifts.

Mermaid Days Travelers Notebook

JeniferCowles_TOW_Blend Mermaid TN 5
 Fabric Cutting:
8 ½”x 12” of Main fabric for the cover
8 ½”x 12” of Matching fabric for the inside cover
4”xx 12”  of Matching fabric for the inside pocket
¼” yard for coordinating print for the binding
Interfacing Cutting:
8 ½”x12”  HeatnBond® Fusible Fleece  for the cover.
8 ½”x12” HeatnBond® Iron on Vinyl  for the cover
Other Supplies:
Erasable marking pen, Iron (Oliso Pro), sewing machine, sharp scissors, other general sewing supplies, Elastic, ribbon and kam snaps.
 Mermaid Days Travelers Notebook:
JeniferCowles_TOW_TN Cover quilted
Assemble the cover as desired and trim to 8 ½” by 12”.  Be aware that the cover of the notebook is on the right.  Fuse the Fleece to the cover and quilt as desired.
JeniferCowles_TOW_TN cover wvinyl
Once you have your cover quilted adhere the vinyl.  This will help keep our journal clean and make it last longer.
JeniferCowles_TOW_Blend Mermaid TN 3
Hem the top of your pocket add ribbon now if you choose. Sandwich the cover to the inside and the pocket and bind like you would a quilt.
JeniferCowles_TOW_Blend Mermaid TN 4
JeniferCowles_TOW_Blend Mermaid TN spine
I added a ribbon closure by sewing the ribbon to the back and inserting a Kam snap to the other end.  I love how this really keeps everything in place.  You can put charms on the spine and decorate as desired.  Throw this in your purse or bag and you now have a special place to jot down notes and dreams or even grocery lists.
JeniferCowles_TOW_Blend Mermaid TN cover

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