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Friday, March 25, 2016

Watercolor Cards-DCWV

Welcome DCWV fans! It’s Jenifer from the DCWV Social Media Design Team!    Have you seen the new Paint & Create items that DCWV has come out with?  Well let me just tell you they are awesome.  They have these super cute card packs that come with watercolor and a brush.  Everything I needed came in the package ready to go, just add water.

Here is a trio that I created on my lunch break.

I absolutely love the heavy weight of the paper, the paper didn't buckle or warp when the water was added to it.  Here I let the colors mix together and run down the card.  I also loaded the brush and flicked a few fun spots on it.

With this one I let the colors come together and while it was still wet I applied a little bit of table salt to give an amazing marble effect.

I stuck with one color here with a simple swiggle line and then a few splatters.  I thought it would be fun to give the envelope a little touch of paint as well.  Love how it turned out.  The best part about these fun cards is that every single one of them will be unique.

I tied them all up with a beautiful Silk ribbon bow and now my cards are ready to be sent off.

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