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Friday, December 11, 2015

Joy Pillow-TOW

Welcome ThermOWeb fans, Jenifer here with you today to share a fun quick Holiday Decor project.  I know this time of year gets crazy busy but I always like to whip up some quick fun pieces.

ThermOWeb supplies used:
StitchNSew Extra High Loft Fleece

Iron on the Letters using the Icraft Hot Melt Adhesive, the key for success is waiting until it is completely cooled to remove the paper backing.  Once cooled peel off the paper.

Adhere the foil with an Iron and again wait until completely cooled before removing the foil.  I am foiling on Denim and so because of the texture of the fabric I get an inconsistent covering of the foil.  I am ok with this it makes it look antiqued :)  but you may want to test on your surface before you work on your final project.

Here is my finished pillow.  I love it like it is nice and simple but you could take it a step further and make a fun poinsettia flower pin to put on it as well.

For the flower I took 3 6 1/2" squares of Extra High Loft Fleece and cut free hand a 4 petaled flower and layered them on top of each other.  I then put a foil circle in the center of the flower and attached it to the pillow.  

This project took about 45 minutes start to finish. 

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