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Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter muslin bag- Curtsey Boutique

Curtsey Boutique is back open and ready to go after a short break.  Here is a fun muslin bag I have posted today go check it out.
Wintery Muslin Treat Bag
Curtsey Boutique Designer
Jenifer Cowles
Project Instructions:

1. Using the muslin bags in the shop spray with some silver color wash. 

2. Layer a doily, some wax paper garland, a fancy silver ribbon, a blue circle and top it all off with a snowflake rosette.  

3. Cut a v into a embossed coin envelope and attach that to the underside of the doily, making it look like a nice pretty ribbon.

4. To make the wax paper garland fold several layers of  wax paper about 2” wide and cut multiple cuts about ¼” apart and using a jumbo zot adhere it in a circle giving your snowflake medallion some dimension.

Curtsey Boutique Supplies

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