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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Gifts-May Arts Hop

One day when I was dropping my Daughter off at guitar practice i noticed that she had her guitar in one hand and a stack of music books and sheets of music and notebooks in the other and she was having a hard time getting to the door.  Then it hit me!!  She needs a music bag to carry all of her stuff in :)
I had the Music Note canvas ribbon in my stash just waiting for the most perfect project, and voila we have a ruffle music bag.  Music books and sheet music tends to be a little bit bigger than other books so I accounted for that.

Cut out 2 12x18 pieces of canvas for the bag.
Cut out 6 3x22" fabric for the ruffle and handle

I ran 4 of the plaid fabric through my sewing machine using a ruffler foot.  BEST foot you can have for your machine, makes perfect ruffles in minutes.  Mark every 4" starting at the bottom and sew a ruffle on each line followed by the Pom Pom ribbon and then the Music canvas on top of that, repeat.  Cut out a 1" square on the bottom corners of the canvas.  Sew the bottom and the sides together. Match the side seam with the bottom seam and sew the 2" seam together this will be giving your bag some room inside.  Fold down the top 2" top stitch.  Using your last 2 pieces of plaid fabric fold in half length wise down both sides, I left raw edges on mine to match the raw edges of the ruffles but you could easily turn your straps right side out and have your seam enclosed.   Sew the Music canvas ribbon down the center of each strap and attach the straps to the bag.  Done :)

To top it all off I had to add a perfect little bow to one of the handles.

May Arts ribbon used:
413-34-6 Music notes Canvas
462-04 Pom Pom
UK-5-05 Silky Crush

I hope you enjoyed my project today, it isn't to late to whip up one of these little bags, it only took me an hour or so.
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  1. What a perfect bag for your daughter!

  2. Awe that is just so sweet of you and love the OOAK items :)

  3. Clever idea. I'm sure your daughter appreciated the gift (I hope anyway - girls are sometimes contrary).
    Love the music ribbon. thanks for sharing.

  4. WONDERFUL!!!! As a pianist and composer, I love anything with music scores on it. This is absolutely splendid. Love it sooooooo much.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  5. I'll bet your daughter loved it. The music ribbon is so darn cute, and works wonderful with your project. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a gorgeous bag! Your daughter will love it!

  7. What a great idea and the music ribbon is perfect for this gorgeous bag. Your daughter will love this.

  8. Perfect gift she will love it and use it for a very long time and think of you when she does how sweet. When my daughter was is band camp in HS they had summer camp every year I had a friend who had a serger and I found some great fabric with sheet music my friend made her two pillows. My daughter is now 22 years old and still has and uses the cases yes there is nothing like a gift from the heart TFS