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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Project planner -Curtsey Boutique

Project Idea Book
Curtsey Boutique Designer
Jenifer Cowles
1. On top of the 5” doily place 6 hexagon shapes down in the shape of a flower, leaving the center open.  

2. In the center adhere the beautiful flower. 

3.  If desired cut down the chalkboard tag to the desired size and label the book.  

4. Around all of the hexagon edges and the edge of the book take a fine point pen and create stitching lines.  

5. Take 10 sheets of plain copy paper and fold them in half and sew them to the cover down the center.  

Now you have a fun little book to jot down notes, sketches and ideas that will fit in your purse or just sit on your desk.

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