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Friday, September 13, 2013

Monster Tooth Pillows-May Arts

Seriously how cute are these little monster tooth pillows?  I am so pleased with how they turned out and the possibilities are endless.  Go here to see more :)

May Arts ribbons:
ARR01-Ric Rac
DD14 polka dot 
DD46 polka dot
BD38 Center dot

Scraps of fleece and felt

Cut out 2 pieces of fleece 6x6 and one 3x6.  Sew the white ric-rac to the top of the 3x6 piece of fleece, this will be the pocket.  Baste this to the bottom of one of the 6x6 squares.  Cut out the felt circle as desired and sew them above the pocket, making sure to leave space for the seams.  
For the hair fold 8" pieces of ribbon in half and then knot them near the folded end pin the open ends to the top of the monster making sure to catch the ribbons in the seams.
With right sides sew the 2 6x6 squares together leaving a 3" opening at the bottom.
Turn right side out and stuff.  Stitch the opening up.
I hope you have enjoyed my fun project today,

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