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Monday, September 30, 2013

Decadent little notebook- WOW

Hi this is Jenifer here with you today.  Decadence to me means black, white, red, damask and classy.
I have a simple little notebook out of scrap paper.  Stamp the Vintage Wallpaper and Emboss with the Black Ebony powder.  Hold you scrap paper together with some binder clips and add a couple layers of glue to the edges so that they all are held in place.  Once the glue is dry you can adhere to the inside, I used Super Tape from ThermOWeb.  To decorate the cover I used a coffee filter for my ruffle with some ribbons layered on top.  For the flower center I used Cable Car red with just a little sprinkle of the Kalahari Gold glitter and adhered to the center.
Thank you so much for looking at my project today I hope you check back often for more inspiring ideas and participate in the monthly challenge.
Other Supplies:
Ribbon- May Arts
Coffee Filter

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beauty Canvas-May Arts/Faber Castell

I was so excited to be trying out these Gelatos from Faber Castell that I just couldn't wait to get started.

I received the Pitt pen in Cold Grey and the gelatos "50's Diner collection"
May Arts Ribbons used:
439-27 Yellow flowers.
KS18 wired string
442-15-17 Lace with satin center
Paper Authentique- Blossom
Gourmet rubber Stamps-Polka Dot Stencil
8x10 canvas
Wow Melt it
Coffee Filters

Layer the Gelatos and rub them in until you get the desired effect, using a little bit of water will tone down the color if that is what your looking for.  Using a stencil apply Spackle or other medium to give dimension.  Apply another layer of Gelatos and go over everything with the Pitt pen.  I even went around the edges of the flowers to make them a little more antiqued.  Start applying your papers and pictures in layers until you get your desired look.

Thank you so much for taking a look at my project today, make sure you stop by everyone's blogs to check out the other fabulous creations.
Here are Todays projects:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Robins Nest-May Arts/Splash of Color

Hi, thank you so much for taking a look at my May Arts/Splash of color project today.  For this assignment we are using the May Arts flowers, I used 439-01 and Radiant Rains from Splash of Color, I received Teal Zircon and it is beautiful.  As you can tell I used it on not only the flowers but also some eyelet, paper and on a doily.
 May Arts ribbons used :
439-01-White Flowers
447-38-01 eyelet
FY34 Blue Wire Pearls
SM09 Jute
Dream Weaver Stencil-Dots
Alpha's-My Little Shoebox
For the different shades of flowers the darker one I sprayed right on the flower for the 2 lighter ones I got them wet first then applied the Radiant Rain and it came out a little bit lighter.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Project planner -Curtsey Boutique

Project Idea Book
Curtsey Boutique Designer
Jenifer Cowles
1. On top of the 5” doily place 6 hexagon shapes down in the shape of a flower, leaving the center open.  

2. In the center adhere the beautiful flower. 

3.  If desired cut down the chalkboard tag to the desired size and label the book.  

4. Around all of the hexagon edges and the edge of the book take a fine point pen and create stitching lines.  

5. Take 10 sheets of plain copy paper and fold them in half and sew them to the cover down the center.  

Now you have a fun little book to jot down notes, sketches and ideas that will fit in your purse or just sit on your desk.

Curtsey Boutique Supplies

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Get Well Cards-TOW

Hi Jenifer here with you today to share my Get Well cards with you.  I have a really hard time cutting into a fresh 12x12 piece of paper to make a card, so all of my cards are made from scraps of paper and fabric.
Iron on a scrap piece of HeatNBond Ultra to a scrap piece of muslin.  Spray muslin with some gold glitter dust.  Wait for it to dry.  Iron the muslin to the card using a pressing cloth.  Sew on some scrap pieces of crochet lace.  Use a jumbo zot attach the doily and a medium zot to attach the buttons.  Super tape works really well to attach the flowers and to also attach the tissue paper to the piece of balsa wood.

Attach your patterned paper and doily to the base of the card using a Super stick.  Attach some fringed waxed paper using super tape.  Sew a few layers of eyelet and lace.  Attach flowers using Jumbo Zots.  Foam squares will make the sentiment pop, and tie a nice ribbon at the fold and you are done.

Tear pieces of an old book and glue down randomly using a super stick.  Layer the doilies and adhere them using a Super stick.  Attach flowers with a Jumbo zot and the pearls with a small zot.  Pop the sentiment with a couple foam squares and tie some pretty silk ribbons at the top and you are finished.

All Ribbons and flowers from May Arts
Doilies and balsa wood from Curtsey Boutique

I hope you have enjoyed my cards today using scraps, make sure you check back often to see what we have been working on.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Monster Tooth Pillows-May Arts

Seriously how cute are these little monster tooth pillows?  I am so pleased with how they turned out and the possibilities are endless.  Go here to see more :)

May Arts ribbons:
ARR01-Ric Rac
DD14 polka dot 
DD46 polka dot
BD38 Center dot

Scraps of fleece and felt

Cut out 2 pieces of fleece 6x6 and one 3x6.  Sew the white ric-rac to the top of the 3x6 piece of fleece, this will be the pocket.  Baste this to the bottom of one of the 6x6 squares.  Cut out the felt circle as desired and sew them above the pocket, making sure to leave space for the seams.  
For the hair fold 8" pieces of ribbon in half and then knot them near the folded end pin the open ends to the top of the monster making sure to catch the ribbons in the seams.
With right sides sew the 2 6x6 squares together leaving a 3" opening at the bottom.
Turn right side out and stuff.  Stitch the opening up.
I hope you have enjoyed my fun project today,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DIY Baby Shower Gift Boxes Tutorial-Curtsey Boutique

Instructions for the Doily Flower topper:
1.  You will need 5 doilies total. 

2.  Fold 4 doilies in half and then in half again.  

3. Layer them on the 5th doily adhering them on with a jumbo zot, fluff.  

4. You can add another flower on the top or even a cute button. 

5.  By changing the fabric ribbon and the center flowers you could easily change these gift boxes to match any occasion, I will be using these for baby shower gifts.

Curtsey Boutique Supplies