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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Banner part 1-TOW

I have a new post up over at the Therm O Web Blog today.  Go check it out and make sure you come back here next week when I reveal the entire banner and the rest of the party;)
I have been meaning to do a Happy Birthday Banner for awhile now and I tend to forget about it until a few days before the actual Birthday, when I have completely run out of time.  Well let me just say that with Therm O Webs new Fusible Spray you can do it minutes before you need it.
I made these flags a few years ago to match some quilts that I had made for my boys, we have since move on to another theme and color pallet but I couldn't get rid of the flags that I had already made.  You could make your own by simply sewing 2 triangles together and attaching them all with a long piece of ribbon or you could use a purchased banner/flag.
Step one is picking out a font and cutting out backwards on the wrong side of the fabric, that way the letters a correct when you turn them over.  I used a scrap piece of corduroy.
I then cut the letters out and sprayed them with the Fusible spray.  Spray on a good layer and it will turn a bit white.
Let that dry and then Iron on your letters to your banner and you are done.
I have been messing with the letters and they seriously don't budge.  I am so impress that I can't wait to find more project to make with this wonderful spray.

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