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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Canvas Journal

As soon as I saw this huge Hydrangea Stamp from Stampendous I just knew that it had to go on a piece of canvas.  I chose to make a journal.  This would make a great gift for anyone, go ahead and give it a try.


  • A piece of canvas
  • Tea or coffee
  • SK05 1/8” silk ribbon in purple
  • XV16 5/8” faux suede in green
  • Heavy thread
  • Bead
  • Fabric paint
  • Card Stock

I took my piece of canvas and soaked it over night in some tea to make it a little bit aged.  I then let it dry.  I wanted it a little bit wrinkled but you could iron it out if you wanted to.
After my piece of canvas was dry I stamped my image.  I used some black acrylic paint of the outline.  I had some faint parts so I just filled it in with a sharpie to make it a bit bolder.  I used some fabric paint by Jacquard.  This fabric paint, Lumiere, has a nice sparkle to it. I watered it down and then just painted in the flowers and stem.  Let it dry.  You have to heat set the fabric paint by ironing on both sides for about 30 seconds, and then you are good to go.  After the canvas is dry you can add the heat set stones, I added these to the center of some of the flowers to give it some dimension.  I sewed a coordinating fabric to the inside front (almost like a pocket), this is where I sewed in my purple silk ribbon with a nice big bead on the end.  This ribbon will hold our journal closed when not in use.

At this time I determined where my paper would go and sewed my ribbons on.  I did a double width of the green Faux Suede then sewed the Crochet Lace on top of that.  I folded my cardstock in half in three sets of 15 sheets each.  I poked holes in my paper with an Awl and thru the canvas in between the 2 pieces of green ribbon.  I did a basic bookbinding stitch to insert the paper.  To cover up my stitches I ran the 1/8” purple velvet thru the crochet lace.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and would love to see what you create.

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