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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anthropologie Tree Topper

I was a guest designer for May arts here is one of the projects I put together. 
 Today we are going to make an Anthropologie inspired tree topper.
Last year in one of the wonderful Anthropologie catalogs they had this wonderful wreath tree topper.  It had little birds and butterflies on it, it was super cute but around $400, I couldn’t find the picture so I am going from my memory.

Materials List:

  • Small grapevine wreath
  • Spray paint (I used white)
  • PH11 1/4″ sheer metalic wired  in silver
  • Beaded Garland
  • Packaged butterflies (I used Prima)


  • Spray paint wreath in a well ventalated area.

Wrap the ribbon around as much as you want.
Wrap the beaded garland next.  I tacked it down with twisted wire, you cant even see it.
Then I attached the butterflies, I put a little hot glue to the back and attached it to a piece of wire and then attached it to the wreath.
There you have it, a unique tree topper that you will just love.
Stay tuned in the next day or so and I will show you everything all put together.

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